Project Management Solutions

For more than twenty five years, Eurotop has been active as a “technical assistance unit and communication agency” for European cooperation programmes, international organisations and ETI projects (Economic and Technological Intelligence), appointed by different Directorate Generals (DG’s) of the European Commission and for several Research and Development projects (Al Invest, Leonardo, FP5, FP6, CIP, FP7 and H2020).



International projects coordination

Eurotop has been coordinator, partner or Work Package (WP) leader in more than 30 projects of the European Commission and provides communication services for several organisations (National Contact Points, sectoral organisations, private companies)


Full range of services

Our job is to provide strategic and operational support to public organisations or private companies that are at a crucial stage of their development. Eurotop provides services and coaching ranging from proposal development for public funding, partner searches, to strategic advice for start-up company training, implementation of market studies and product commercialisation, to development of marketing communication and assisting in obtaining private funding.


Project management tools

Using its broad experience, Eurotop has developed a proprietary technology for large project management and communication through Internet, based on Xtranet Integrated System Application (Xtranet-ISA). The Xtranet-ISA collaboration and communication platform allows e-reporting on tasks and budget, quality assessment, permanent monitoring of activities performed by partners, and offers full communication features - collaborative platform, documents repository, forum, events registration tool, agenda, ...