• Your tailor-made Event App
    and Community Building solution
    Learn how SUMMEET can help your brand get a new boost
    and infuse dynamism in the way you and your affiliates communicate.
  • Corporate Communication
    Our team has developed expertise in communication strategy that will help you
    create clear and consistent messages, using ad-hoc media and making the best use
    of your communication resources.
  • Photo, Video
    and Motion Design
    Video is the best media to catch the attention of you target audience and get
    a strong message across. It’s immersive, and easy to connect with emotions.
    Our experts use innovative solutions to create compelling video content that drives
    engagement and sale online.
  • Web and App
    We have a long experience in web design and web development.
    Eurotop specialises in custom web applications to open source content
    management platforms. Whether it concerns a web shop, a community or
    a corporate website, we provide a tailor-made and highly efficient solution.
  • Project
    Eurotop provides a full range of services that guide parties, starting from the first needs
    of their project, identification and assessment of partner’s skills, preparation of application forms,
    regulatory requirements, consortium agreements, logistics, project administration and negotiation
    with European Commission officials or local government representatives.


Our graphic designers analyse your needs and provide you with highly creative and impactful graphics and publications to efficiently promote your activity.

and Video

Our experienced photographer, video team and drone pilot provides you with high quality pictures and videos from your events, products and services.

Web and App

We design and develop professional websites and cloud-based collaborative platforms with a fast and efficient user-friendly interface.

Project Management Solutions

Eurotop provides a full range of services that guide parties interested in participating in European Commission financed projects.


Planning & Discussing with Team

We start by arranging a meeting to better understand your activity and your communication needs. This is a crucial step to know your target audience and their expectations.

Designing & Development

We prepare interface layouts, sketches and screenshots of different graphical elements including your visual identity (logo, colours, typography …) and branding to allow your current (and new) clients a fast identification of your company, its products and services.

Testing & Delivery

We offer an “all-in-one maintenance contract” that includes the kick-start and hosting of your site with the desired domain name reserve, so we take care of everything to make sure your website is up to date, visible and secured on the web.