Who We Are

Founded in 1990, Eurotop Cooperation Partners is a corporate management and communication agency with a proactive and innovative approach.

We provide a full range of services that guide parties from the first needs of their project to the identification of potential partners, the preparation of an application, regulatory requirements, consortium agreements, strategy in exploiting research results, marketing and commercial implementation of project results.

Eurotop promotes technological and methodological innovation within companies and specialises in project management, web and print communication, marketing strategy, development and the administration of international, industrial and scientific cooperation projects and consortia.

Our strengths lie in interpreting client needs and proposing thoughtful, highly practical solutions. We have strong project management skills and apply a detailed knowledge of production techniques. Our goal is to support your innovation needs and allow you to focus your energy on what your business does best. We help your company to grow by providing simple solutions to complex problems.





Our Approach

From strategy and creative concept, our project management methodology combines internal discipline with operational flexibility. Shared responsibility and attentive project management leads to peace of mind for our clients.

We monitor progress, document every decision and issue status reports throughout the life of a project. By the same token, if we need to alter course to meet changing client needs, the level of understanding shared by the team means we respond quickly and effectively to the new requirements. A strong management discipline and controls ensure the successful delivery of timely and cost-effective projects.

Corporate Philosophy

We believe in maximizing individual creative and technical potential, promoting experimentation and research, encouraging personal responsibility and rewarding team spirit. Combined with comprehensive project management, this concentration on individual potential within a solid organizational framework underpins our offer of innovative range of services and drives our quest for excellence. We are used to deal with logistical and intellectual challenges and to provide whatever is needed to meet the objectives with flexibility and cost-effectiveness.





We bring you design, creative skills, thoughts, and ideas

100% Responsive

We design through the eye of the user by providing unique and responsive web design strategy solutions for any media.

Built with HTML5 and CSS3

Our products are based on the latest web technologies to ensure the users satisfaction.

Marketing Campaigns

We have innovative marketing ideas that can grow the reputation of your business.

eCommerce Solutions

Selling through the Internet requires specific rules to ensure the safety, the satisfaction and confidence of your customers.


We have strong organisation skills acquired through the years we spent with EC projects.


We think beyond your needs, and provide unique and tailor made design to build a strong and successful reputation for your company.

Problem Solving

Our experienced professionals are ready to take over your problems from maintenance to security issues.

European Project Management

For more than 20 years, Eurotop one of our main activity has been to give full range of services that guide parties and provide collaborative solutions.