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The Voice of Biomedical SMEs

Performance factors in moving from research to market

Eurotop presents the first comprehensive report that aims at identifying and analysing the qualitative and quantitative key performance factors for SMEs’ successful participation in EU funded research projects in Health-related themes.

Research-intensive SMEs that participate in EU-funded research and Innovation programmes face a challenging situation when attempting to exploit their results. The self-measurement of success is rather subjective and the successful participation of an SME in a European funded project does not often lead to a commercial exploitation, even when there is a great expectation to develop new business applications.

What are the tangible criteria for success ?

The report describes the findings of an investigation into these success criteria. The results presented in the report are based on answers collected from 341 medtech research-intensive SMEs involved in Health-related EU funded research projects.

The report illustrates their experiences in collaborating with other research partners from all over Europe and gives a voice to the SMEs that have experience in EU funded collaborative research.

How can SMEs evaluate these success criteria and take them into consideration when building a successful EU project?

The report provides an outline of the extent to which such funding has benefited the SMEs, as well as guidelines on how participants to EU Horizon 2020 programme can build a successful EU project and can also use the project for the overall success of their business.

This report was funded by the European Commission through the KAPPA-Health project (2008-2011)



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